The training programme is designed to train the iTaukei and Rotuman to acquire the knowledge and skills in automotive engineering to be able to undertake the National Trade Test Automotive Engineering General Class III from Fiji National University. The primary aim after the course is the knowledge acquired will enable them to assist in their community development work or be employed as a Trade Assistant or Junior Tradesman in the Automotive Industry.

Upon completion of the training programme the trainee should be able to demonstrate competency in:

•Display and understand workshop safety
• General Workshop Practices and Documentation
• Vehicle Servicing and Lubrication
• Engine Construction and Principles of Operation
• Engine Lubrication System(explain operation)
• Engine Cooling System(Explain operation service and test)
• Petrol Engine Fuel System(identify and state function of components)
• Batteries and Fundamentals of Electricity(display safe working practice and its function)
• Starting Systems(Dismantle identify components reassemble)
• Charging System(Dismantle identify components reassemble)
• Engine Ignition Systems-Point Ignition(identify components and its function)
• Engine Exhaust Systems(explain its operation)
• Emission and Emission Controls(identify components
• Engine Tuning and Adjustment(carburettor and points ignition)----remove inspect and refit components)
• Engine Overhaul and reconditioning(petrol and Diesel)(measure components)
• Clutch and manual Transmissions(describe operation and function)
• Drive lines and Differentials(explain operation)
• Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles(explain operation)
• Electronic Fuel injection systems(identify components)
• Engine Ignition System -Electronic Ignition( identify components)
• Wheels and tires(explain operation)
• Steering system(explain operation)
• Suspension System(explain operation)
• Wheel Alignment
• Vehicle Braking System
• Vehicle Body Fittings and Accessories
• Vehicle Body Electrical and Lighting