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Ni sa bula vinaka. Welcome to CATD Website. This website is designed to provide the much needed information and also serve as a medium of communication with the Centre. NADAVE as commonly known has existed for 3 decades. Unfortunately its roles and responsibilities have not been widely circulated and many people are not aware of its existence and location.

Training at the CATD is targeting the rural iTaukei youths and adults around Fiji. We are striving to provide holistic training s to empower iTaukeis to realize their full potential in community development and capacity building within their communities. It is our dream to offer the best and long-last learning experience to all participants and build resilient communities in Fiji to be a better place to live in for our current and future generations.

The CATD was initially established under a joint venture Agreement executed on 29th November 1980 between the government of Fiji and the Republic of Germany represented by the Hanns-Seidel Foundations.

The basic objective of the CATD is to improve the standard of living in the rural sector of Fiji through the development of technical skills and services and promotion of better leadership qualities necessary to enhance and facilitate community development.

CATD as a whole is responsible for the good governance and well-being of the iTaukei which includes preservation of culture.

Under its By-Laws approved by Cabinet on 09th September 2008, CATD is a non- profit-making organisation and its key priorities could be summarised as follows:

  • Develop leadership and effective human resources in rural Fiji by way of research, training, consultancy and technical assistance.

  • Provide long and short-term technical and vocational training and other types of community-based training for rural participants

  • Provide short term based courses in appropriate technology, and other relevant areas for manpower development at the request of government for specific groups identified by government either through extension or attendance at the Centre

  • Conduct applied research and undertake consultancy in the area of appropriate technology and manpower planning at the request of Government and other agencies in Fiji.

  • Assist other areas of Government in the conduct of courses for adults in the areas of education, leadership, administration, business and financial management

  • Assist indigenous Fijians and Rotumans resource owners in the sustainable use and development of their natural resources

  • Ensuring protection and management of iTaukei culture and heritage for current and future generation

  • Encourage and implement sustain able and proper land use planning and management to support economic development

  • Work towards creating livelihoods through micro, small and medium enterprise development

  • Ensuring that the Centre effectively execute its role of improving the wellbeing and governance of the iTaukei people.


Administration & Accounts

The unit is responsible with developing and implementing the objectives of the CATD By-law. The Division is assigned the task of managing resources, and compliance with national policies relating to human resources, finances and capital resources.The Division is responsible for the welfare of programme trainees, and the facilitation of workshops and seminars held at Nadave.Research and development of training programmes for both long-term and short-term programmes is carried out by the Division.

Long-term Technical Training Programme (LTTP)

The objective of the programme is to assist LTTP trainees, gain hand on experience by working on community projects in rural iTaukei communities. The programme is a year programme, and 40 students are selected after successfully completing an interview. Students are divided into five streams;

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training programme (LETP)

Introduced in 2007, the main objective it to encourage and train iTaukei and Rotumans to acquire entrepreneurial skills that will empower them to utilize resources for entrepreneurial purposes. The programme involves 3 months practicum.

Rural Community Technical Training Programme (RCTTP)

The programme is for a period of five days and includes training on outboard motor and small engines servicing and repair training programmes. Rural equipment owners undergo the training and servicing of equipment.

Resource Based Livelihood Training Programme (RBLTP)

The objective of the programme is to assist participants to identify and evaluate their personal competencies, screen and identify suitable business ventures, learn financial literacy skills, including home budgeting and preparing a business plan. The programme is linked up to the LETP and provides very good foundation for those who want to grow their business.

Appropriate Technology Programme

Appropriate Technology Programme, is training on Virgin Coconut Oil and its Bi Products. The objective is for participants to acquire knowledge and skills in producing VCO and its byproducts such as soap, body oil and body lotion.